The WalkWell Clinic exists to help you become free of pain, to move better, and live an active life.


"Everything we do, is to help you!"


We always aim to treat the cause of your problem, not just treat the symptoms.

For the benefit of our patients, we are continually researching new methods of treatment.



We now have an exciting new treatment for all fungal toenails. Please contact us for further information.

The WalkWell Clinic

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Tel: 01788 537300                                                                                              

Email: walkwellclinic@talktalkbusiness.net







The WalkWell Clinic works closely with other leading health professionals, fitness coaches, and organisations dedicated to health & fitness.

We strongly recommend that a healthy lifestyle is maintained, including undertaking regular exercise.  Walking, cycling, jogging, swimming and Military Fitness Circuits are all activities useful for those wishing to improve or maintain their fitness levels, increase confidence, stamina, energy and general wellbeing.

 Get In Shape, Look Great