Minor Surgery



At The WalkWell Clinic we endeavour to provide the most suitable treatment option for your foot complaint. 

Our highly skilled podiatrists are able to provide a wide range of minor surgical procedures for many foot complaints.  All of the minor surgical procedures involve the administration of a Local Anaesthetic.  Our practitioners are highly experienced with providing these injections; they are perceived to be no worse than receiving a dental injection for a tooth filling. 

The Local Anaesthetic injection allows all minor surgical procedures to be performed pain free. 


Ingrowing Toenails 

In-growing toenails are painful and troublesome.  They are characterised by a spike of nail that becomes embedded in the skin at the side of the nail, causing redness, swelling, bleeding and sometimes infection. There are a few minor surgical techniques that can be performed to achieve successful removal of the nail spike.


Consultation                                 £45

Temporary Removal of In-growing Toenail:

The nail spike is removed from the skin to reduce symptoms of pain and pressure. This allows the infection to clear up either with salt water soaks or antibiotics. Afterwards the toe will be dressed with a minimal bulk dressing, which must stay in place for several days.  When the dressing is removed, salt water soaks must be performed daily to keep the toe clean and reduce any inflammation.  Normal everyday activities can be resumed immediately afterwards but, avoiding swimming for one week. 

This procedure takes no more than 30 minutes.


Temporary removal with Local Anaesthetic

1 Toe                                                        £125 

2 Toes                                                      £155

Investigation under Local Anaesthetic       £60

Permanent Removal of In-growing Toenail (Partial Nail Avulsion PNA):


The nail spike is completely removed from the skin and the side of the nail, to leave a straight edge that is cosmetically appealing.  A chemical is then applied to the nail bed to prevent re-growth of the nail spike.  A large dressing will be placed on the toe, to be left on and kept dry for 2-3 days.  The toe will need to be rested for the remainder of the day. 

Subsequent salt water soaks will also be required, as well as redressing the toe for a period of 4-6 weeks.  All dressings and post-op visits are included in the full price of the surgery.  Swimming should be avoided for up to 6 weeks, or until the toe has completely healed.


1 Toe                                            £295

2 Toes                                          £425

If additional toes require treatment, the podiatrist will discuss the cost during the consultation.

Permanent removal of the whole toenail (Total Nail Avulsion): 

This procedure is often recommended for thick, painful, discoloured, damaged, fungal or unsightly nails. The toenail is completely removed, and the same chemical is applied to the nail bed to prevent re-growth of the nail.  A large dressing is then applied to the toe, which must be left on and kept dry for 2-3 days.  After leaving the Clinic, the foot will need to be rested for the remainder of the day.  Swimming should be avoided for up to 6 weeks, or until the nail bed has healed completely.  Salt water soaks and re-dressing the toe will also be advised.  All dressings and post operative visits are included in the full price of the surgery.

Verruca Removal


Verrucae can be painful, longstanding and take multiple treatments to resolve. However with our minor surgical options, it can take as little as one treatment to eradicate single or even multiple verrucas.

Multiple Puncture Technique (MPT)/Dry Needling

This procedure was first performed in America in the 1960s.

MPT/Dry Needling aims to treat verrucae by stimulating the body's immune system.  

We achieve this by pushing the verruca virus (or HPV - Human Papilloma Virus) deeper into the foot where it comes into contact with immune system cells.  These detect a foreign protein then signal other cells to come and kill the virus, and the verrucae disappears.

The beauty of the procedure is that only one verruca needs to be treated if there are multiple verrucae present, and when successful all verrucae will disappear.

This procedure does require a Local Anaesthetic; however, the treatment takes no more than 60 minutes, and all daily activities can be resumed immediately afterwards.  A dressing will be applied to the foot, to be kept on for 24 hours. Swimming should also be avoided for 24 hours.  Post-operative visits will be arranged, and again are included in the full price of the surgery.  


MPT                                                £325