Services That We Offer                                                                                                                                                           


Offering a full range of traditional treatments as well as the latest innovations in foot care.


The clinical discipline concerned with the assessment, diagnosis and comprehensive management of foot and lower limb problems. 
All foot and lower limb problems are treated by our podiatrists.

Our specialist areas include: 

  • Biomechanics
  • Minor Surgery (In-growing Toenails, Verruca Removal & Corn Removal)
  • Fungal Nail Testing
  • Clearnanail (Treatment for Fungal Toes)
  • Swift Microwave Therapy (Treatment for Verrucae and Warts)
  • Paediatrics
  • Cosmetic Nail Refurbishment (CNR)
  • Sports Podiatry

 Fungal Nail Test 

Fungal infections of the foot are caused by a group of fungal micro-organisms called dermatophytes. Dermatophytes can affect the foot in many ways; however, the most common conditions seen are athlete’s foot (also known as Tinea Pedis) and Onychomycosis which is a fungal infection of the toenail. 

 A fungal nail is characterised by:

·         Colour changes

·         Debris underneath the nail

·         Odour

·         Thickening or sometimes thinning of the nail

Our quick, simple and painless In Tray Fungal Diagnostic Test will be able to detect and diagnose a fungal infection. 

How it works:

We place a sample of your toe nail into the In Tray and if a fungal infection is present we are able to grow the fungus.  This takes approximately fourteen days.



 This shows a positive result for fungal infection 


 Swift Microwave Therapy (SMT) - Treatment for Verrucae and Warts

SMT is a special hand held probe which delivers a precise highly controlled microwave energy to the skin treating the affected tissue.




As the microwaves travels into the tissue, water molecules begin colliding and creating localised heat energy which then quickly destroys all infected tissue within predetermined depth. In just seconds the treatment is complete and the healing cascade begins immediately. Treated tissue is quickly replaced, repaired and regenerated.

Like may treatments for skin lesions, there maybe some minor discomfort experienced. Pain levels vary from person to person but most people undergoing Swift liken it to a pain similar to an injection or a scratch, lasting 2-3 seconds then quickly subsiding.

You may need more then one session depending on how you respond to the treatment (these can be from 14 days to over a month again depending on your response.)

For further information please call.

Treatment Overview from Emblation on Vimeo.

Patients Testimoial Videos


Wilde Pedique - (CNR)

Wilde Pedique nail refurbishment is a modern way of treating a fungal nail as well as giving it an aesthetically pleasing look. Wilde Pedique is specifically used for correcting and restoring the toenails. There is no odour or discolouration, and it will not damage the natural nail as it grows.  The anti-fungal properties treat the fungal nail as well as providing protection from any further infections that may occur.


Depending on the nail damaged by the fungus, the full nail or only part of the nail can be treated with the Wilde Pedique. This treatment is suitable for people of all ages, diabetics, and individuals that undertake a lot of activities and sports.


Please see above our leaftlet "Cosmetic Nail Refurbishment".  



1 Toe             45 minute session      £  95     

2 Toes           60 minute session      £135 

3 Toes           80 minute session      £155      


If additional toes are to be treated, the cost will be discussed during consultation. 

Infills              £ 45   

Additional Treatments Which Are Available at the Clinic: 


 Amanda Martin who joins us on Mondays, is our Clinical Acupuncturist, she specialises in TCM clinical Acupuncture, Shiatsu, Reflexology, Aromatherapy and Acupressure.


Acupuncture can treat pain in the back, neck, knees and shoulders.  It can help alleviate stress, anxiety, depression, muscular pain, sleeping problems, and provide relief from joint pain, menstrual, menopausal and gynaecological problems. 


Reflexology is a massage of the feet incorporating aromatherapy oils.  Manipulation of the feet helps with mobilisation of the joints, freeing up muscles and tendons.  It also opens up the acu points on the feet, allowing qi and energy to flow (circulation and blood flow). Many people come for reflexology with a variety of different issues - physical, mental and emotional disorders. 


Shiatsu is a form of Japanese bodywork or acupressure which stimulates the body's natural healing ability.  It involves gentle finger pressure on acu points together with gentle holding techniques. Many people come for shiatsu with a variety of different issues - physical, mental or emotional disorders.  

For further information please visit Amanda's website "Innerkalm" 

Amanda's Hours atThe WalkWell Clinic, Rugby

 Monday 9.30 – 12.30 pm

Price List

Acupuncture TCM              45 minute session            £40 per session

Shiatsu                               50 minute session            £40 per session

Reflexology                        45 minute session            £35 per session


Our podiatrists at The WalkWell Clinic are able to supplementary prescribe many medications, including anti-fungal medicines for fungal nails, and anti-viral medication for verrucae & warts.   

The podiatrists at The WalkWell Clinic promote regular physical activity as a positive lifestyle choice!